Entries Bookkeeping Services

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Entries Bookkeeping Services include:

  • Appraisal of your existing accounting system


  • Accounts Receivable – ensure invoices are entered and dispatched in a timely manner, keep debtors up to date so that you always have an accurate position of outstanding invoices therefore reducing bad debts and maintaining cash flow.


  • Accounts Payable – data entry of your suppliers so you can keep track of your outstanding expenses and pay your bills on time. This also gives you accurate upcoming cash outlays thereby enabling you to effectively manage your cash flows.


  • HST and all Govenment Tax Remittances.


  • Reconciliations


  • Payroll


  •  P&L and Balance Sheet reports Monthly, Weekly etc – Your accounts are managed in a systematic, efficient and timely manner providing you up to date financial data essential for informed business decisions.


  •  QuickBooks setup – I am a Quickbook Pro Advisor and am listed on the QuickBooks website as such.


In other words,  I take care of your accounts while you take care of your business.